Relevant Experience

  • Work Experience

  • Hardware Engineer I

    Cisco (2024-Present) | San Jose, CA

    Investigating cases of product failures and implementing data-driven strategies to diagnose issues, using tools like Python for in-depth analysis, with the aim of imporving and and reducing recurrence in Cisco’s NPI process.

  • CEO and Founder

    Targimo (2023-Present) | San Francisco, CA

    Leading B2B startup that provides business solutions from data science insights (i.e. attending meetings with VC firms);

    Directing development of a team of three ML engineers, spearheading ML R&D

  • Data Science Intern

    FICO (2024) | San Diego, CA

    Developed and deployed dashboard with anomaly detection models including Autoencoders, SVM, CADE, Isolation Forests; Achieved high model accuracy and efficiency, as evidenced by consistent detection rates in test datasets

  • Hardware Engineer Intern

    Cisco (2023) | San Jose, CA

    Automated analysis process by analyzing and clustering device failure data with and Python, significantly reducing troubleshooting time and operational costs.

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Southwest Airlines (2023) | Dallas, TX

    Automated GTM workflows for Ansible Tower through full-stack development, streamlining workflows.

    On intern team tasked with saving $24M/year by launching discounting feature rather than third parties (presented to CIO).

  • Software Engineer Intern

    CarsXE (2022-2023) | Highland, MD

    Led intern license plate recognition software implementation and development of pip package for company API.

  • Undergraduate Researcher (UCSD)

    Mobile Systems Design Lab (2022) | San Diego, CA

    R&D of iOS/Android apps that enable engagement between an ML platform, patients, and physicians.

    DigiHealth Lab (2021-2022) | San Diego, CA

    Developed I2C communication code; designed and soldered circuits (i.e. IMU).

  • Research Assistant (SDSU)

    Experimental Mechanics Lab (2019) | San Diego, CA

    As a high school intern, I researched tensile strength of ABS ASTM D638 3D printed and injection molded samples.

  • Education

  • Master's of Science

    UC San Diego (2024-2025)

    Machine Learning and Data Science M.S.

  • Bachelor's of Science

    UC San Diego (2020-2024)

    Electrical Engineering B.S.